Gene Wilkie

Gene Wilkie died in a plane crash near Payette, ID on June 17. Gene was a fixture at Honolulu Airport for being the “go to guy” on anything aviation and maintenance. Most remember all his aviation and motorcycle projects in his two T Hangars facing the runways. His wife Emi also was a pilot and changed vocation later to a nurse. She lives in Payette and is currently monitoring Gene’s email for condolences

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  1. Gene Wilkie was a great friend with whom many of us flew with during the Vietnam War, A Co, 229th Assault Helicopter BN, 1st Air Cav, circa 1966-67. We hooked up as a unit last year during the Osh Kosh Air Show after not seeing each other for about 49 years. He was the same wonderful, funny, brilliant Gene Wilkie, cynical, unassuming and interested in others, never talking about himself unless you asked, He has been helping with our 50th Anniversary to be held in Ft. Worth this October, part of which will be hosted by Bell Helicopter. Gene seemed to have flown about everything they built plus numerous vintage airplanes and umpteen motorcycles, some of which he built, We have lost a great friend and compatriot. Our unit sends their condolences to Emi, his wife, who he loved dearly.

  2. I flew door gunner for Gene several times while in Vietnam. He was one of the best, low keyed pilots I ever flew with. Nothing seemed to shake him up, that he couldn’t overcome. I always felt safe and secure when I gunned for Gene. I think he felt safe and secure when I gunned for him. Gene and I had plans to share a room at our “A” Company, 229th AHB reunion in October. Unfortunately I received an email from Emi about his death. I am still trying to process it, especially when I look back on our emails about the reunion. Gene will never be forgotten and will always be remembered about his care for other’s interests first and his wonderful sense of humor. I will miss his emails and our phone conversations. Emi has been a trooper and stayed in touch with me when I have had a question, or needed to leave her a message.
    May God continue to Bless both Emi and Gene, and all of their family and multiple friends. I’ll miss you buddy.

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