New limits on the Freeway Arrival @HNL

As of last week, the Honolulu Control Facility has put into place limits on the “Freeway” arrival into HNL.

These limits are designed to reduce the number of crossings of runway 8L by VFR pilots on a downwind leg to 4R. HCF believes this creates a safety issue during Air Carrier arrivals to runway 8L.

The limits will typically be in place from dawn until 5:30 pm each day during time when 8L is being used as the primary Air Carrier runway. When 8L is closed, or Air Carriers are using 4R for arrivals in the evening, the freeway arrival will still be available.

ATC expects most VFR pilots to accept the use of offshore routes into runway 4R. They will typically provide vectors to a straight in approach to 4R, but due to traffic, may issue vectors as far as 15 miles offshore when traffic requires.

Pilots, typically those in single engine aircraft that may not have appropriate equipment for flying outside of gliding distance from land may advise the controller they are “unable” to accept off shore vectors, and be granted the Freeway arrival.


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