NOTAM ALERT: Military Fly Over on Thursday May 14

As many of you will have heard through other media, the military will perform a flyover of the hospitals in the main Hawaiian islands tomorrow, May 14 to honor our health care workers who have risked their own health and safety while caring for COVID-19 victims.

The flyover will begin from the west shoreline of O’ahu at about 11:15am. They will proceed along the west shoreline and eastbound over the freeway to offshore Diamond Head at 3000’. After Diamond Head, they will continue counter clockwise around the island at 3000’ until Ka’ena Point. The aircraft will be C17, KC135, 4-F22. If they stick with their proposal, the aircraft near Dillingham will be the C17 and 4-F22. Their speed will be 250 KTS so the more heads’ up for aircraft, the better.

The wording of the NOTAMS received from HCF is reproduced below. However, you are advised to exercise due diligence before you climb into the cockpit and obtain an updated briefing.

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