State Airport Rent Increase Meeting 5/22

The’re baaack!

Please make every attempt to attend the DOT-A Rent increase meeting scheduled for next Monday, May 22nd, at 6pm in the DOT-A conference center on the 7th floor of the Interisland parking structure at HNL.

We believe the state is once again proposing steep rent increases, without the benefit of leases, improvements, or even additional maintenance at all state owned facilities in Hawaii.

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  1. I cannot make it!!! I do want to recommend that someone bring up the issues with “comp” value to Mapunapuna being so absurd due to :lack of infrastructure among other obvious issues. As I understand there are no more Hawaiian Tel DSL ports, so we had to run ethernet – well we are paying a whopping price just to get 3Mbps in and out. That’s like Hawaiian Tel selling us betamaxes. A home gets 100/100. It’s unbelievable that the DoT is using comps like this when they have no telecommunication infrastructure to support it. I might send Frank!!!

  2. I am sorry I won’t be able to attend this meeting, since I will be on the mainland on that date. My earlier written questions still stand, since they were never answered. The basis upon which the earlier proposed rates were calculated was totally bogus and not applicable to the T-hangars at HNL. The current services offered at the T-hangars are minimal (no water, only 2 electrical outlets, etc.), not to mention the absurd 30-day revocable lease arrangement. It’s poor value compared to comparable general aviation facilities at mainland airports.

  3. I attended, the meeting with Mr. Smith was calm, but he is still going to hike our rents on the basis of an average of commercial warehouse space on all islands. It’s apples and oranges again.

  4. I have informed Melissa McCaffrey, AOPA Regional Manager, and Mr. Mark Baker, AOPA President about this planned increase in hangar rent at HNL. And about the May 22nd meeting the state is having. I don’t know if AOPA is sending anyone to attend the meeting.

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