2016 Hana Fly In!

This year’s annual Hana Fly-In took place on Saturday, June 25th and was a gathering of monumental proportions. There were incredible weather conditions, with 24 airplanes and 62 attendees. In addition, there were over 30 locals present to witness (some of whom also got an airplane ride to boot) and learn more about the world of GA! Copious food and refreshments were enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Bill Baldwin for coordinating the event, as well as Rob Moore, Joe Kiefer, and Cliff Montgomery for transporting all of the party food out to Maui—and most importantly to the Maui ground crew that facilitated safety and made it possible to put on such a fun and successful event! A big mahalo as well goes out to Robert and the crew at Hana Airport DOTA.

At this event, GACH organizes an accuracy landing contest and an accuracy flour drop contest. About 30 pilots competed for bragging rights as they also exposed the viewing audience to some of the more colorful aspects of aviation. First place for spot landing went to Mike Singer, while second and third went to Christopher Sullivan and Bill Plumb respectively. The flour drop champion was Dick Gould, followed by Robert Clancy and Jack Dixon for 3rd and 4th place. Congratulations to all the competitors!


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