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The field of aviation in Hawaii is unique. Honolulu is the most remote city in the world with a population of least 500,000 people—and is most often accessed by plane. In addition, among the entire island chain, the most effective method of inter-island travel is by air. Due to the fact that sea transportation is difficult and there are no bridges connecting the islands, the state of Hawaii is essentially built upon aviation. As such, the General Aviation Council of Hawaii (GACH) is a key local organization not only to the field of general aviation (GA), but also as a contributor to the overall transportation community on the island as well.
The aviation community in the state of Hawaii is also distinguishable from that of the other 49 in that the number of pilots and mechanics who reside here pales in comparison to the numbers within each of the mainland states. Hawaii has a very small number of airports and virtually all of them are controlled by the state. Nevertheless, the local aviation industry includes over 4100 jobs, which accounts for over $250M in salaries and generates approximately $742M to the local economy.

Accordingly, the role that GACH plays in unifying the local aviation community is instrumental.
Founded in the early 70s, GACH membership is open to all aviators from Hawaii who are Federal Aviation Regulated Part 91, 135, 141 operators or who are student pilots, sport pilots, recreational pilots, private pilots, commercial pilots, air transport pilots, maintenance personnel, or Certified Flight Instructors. GACH members fly airplanes, rotorcraft, gliders, lighter-than-air, power parachutes, weight-shift-control aircraft, power-lift aircraft—but also may simply be supporters of aviation in the state of Hawaii.

Our mission is multi-faceted, and includes such objectives as furthering aviation safety in the state of Hawaii and representing the interests of the local GA community in dealings with federal, state, and local officials. We also sponsor air shows, educational seminars, and other GA activities designed to improve pilot proficiency and facilitate aviation education.

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