COVID-19 Screening Procedures for General Aviation Inter-Island Flights

As of June 16 2020 State of Hawaii Governor Ige has lifted the inter-island travel ban without a required 14-day prior quarantine.  Instead, the state Department of Transportation will now require thermal screening at airports for everyone traveling inter island. HDOT will also require travelers to fill out a new form that will now also ask for health-related information to assist the state in tracking and responding to new COVID-19 cases

For general aviation aircraft these new rules present some questions and problems. Apparently, corporate air crews and passengers will be supported by FBO’s, which will handle thermal screening and the collection of health forms. Private pilots that do not use the services of an FBO have to contact the Airport Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting units (ARFF) at their respective departure airports.

DOTA/ARFF will conduct COVID-19 screenings for GA departure flights at the Part 139 airports (HNL, OGG, KOA, ITO, LIH, MKK, LNY, and Kapalua). 

To request a COVID-19 screening for GA departure flights at any of the State’s Part 139 airports:

  1. Call ARFF and request COVID-19 screening.
  2. Provide ARFF with any information requested.
  3. ARFF will meet you at the location.  ARFF will conduct a temperature screening of all crew/passengers and distribute Dept. of Health (DOH) form for completion.
  4. If temperature is above 100.4°F, crew/passenger cannot fly.
  5. If DOH form is not fully completed, AND if the contact number is not validated, you cannot fly.

ARFF Phone numbers:

HNL ARFF Station 1:  808-836-6420

OGG ARFF:  808-872-3841

JHM ARFF:  808-665-6107

MKK ARFF:  808-567-9663

LNY ARFF:  808-565-7941

KOA ARFF:  808-372-9503

ITO ARFF:  808-961-9317

LIH ARFF:  808-274-3803

IMPORTANT: DOTA/Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) will not conduct COVID-19 screenings for General Aviation (GA) departure flights at the following GA airports:


  • Kalaeloa Airport
  • Dillingham Airfield


  • Port Allen Airport


  • Waimea-Kohala Airport
  • Upolu Airport


  • Hana Airport


  • Kalaupapa Airport

These rules remain a moving target while the virus still wreaks havoc on our community and you are advised to look for updated information before you plan an inter-island visit with your owned or rented aircraft.

General Aviation in Hawaii continues to support the community through inter-island visits. Special opportunities may exist for Kama’aina travelers venturing to the outer islands while international tourism is still restricted.

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