Fate of the decriminalization legislation

The GACH-sponsored SB1163 to decriminalize minor violations at State airports, was NOT supported by senior legislative leadership during the final non testimony, conference committee meeting on April 28, 2017.
The exact details of why this measure failed is being investigated by GACH and the findings will be shared as soon as possible for consideration by the membership.
I personally want to thank ALL who supported this bill with their verbal and written testimony, calls and letters to their representatives and show of support.
I also want to recognize Senator Kahele and Representative McKelvey for sponsoring the bills.  It is a conundrum why this bill which passed three committee hearings in each chamber, passed many floor votes, passed several crossover votes, had great support and made so much logical sense would fail at the eleventh hour.
We will keep on trying and I will ask DOTA leadership to support the intent of the bill.
Rob Moore, President
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