GAcH Information

Aloha Pilots, Mechanics, Aviation Enthusiasts, Supporters and friends!


The General Aviation Council of Hawaii (GACH) would like to welcome you, bid you a BIG aloha and tell you a little about our non-profit organization.

GACH has been in existence since the early 1970s and is made up of pilots, maintenance personnel, aviation supporters and friends throughout Hawaii and the US mainland.  We even have foreign members who love Hawaii and fly frequently here.  GACH’s purposes are to have fun flying in the most beautiful spot on earth, further aviation safety throughout the Hawaiian Islands, foster aviation education, increase the understanding and support that  general aviation (GA) provides to Hawaii, and lastly to act as a unifying voice within Hawaii GA to various levels of governmental officials and agents.

Hawaii aviation is unique.  Our numbers of pilots, mechanics and airplanes are small compare to aviation communities in the other 49 US states.  We have few airports throughout the islands but plenty of water separating those airports.  Almost all the airports are State of Hawaii controlled.  The only way to effectively get from island to island is to fly; sea transportation is tough and slow and no bridges have yet been built connecting the islands—Hawaii is a state built on aviation.

Commercial aviation is a BIG part of Hawaii’s air transportation—it brings many visitors to Hawaii.  However, GA is the soul of Hawaii aviation with much history and the support it brings to this State.  The 1925 John Rodgers first ever flight from California to Hawaii, the 1927 Dole Air Races, Amelia Earhart’s first ever solo flight from Hawaii to the US mainland in 1935, the several civilian airplanes providing flight instruction on December 7, 1941 who were shot down, the support that GA provides the people of Hawaii during natural disasters when airlines cannot access partially restricted runways, the warning and search functions that GA provides through the Civil Air Patrol or the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and even the landing of the world’s first solar-powered airplane to fly around the world without using a single drop of fuel are all part of the Hawaii GA legacy.  Even one of the world’s most famous aviators is buried here.

So come and fly here in Hawaii and support Hawaii GA by becoming a member and supporter of the General Aviation Council of Hawaii (GACH).  We welcome all of GA to include weekend fliers, flight schools, repair shops, on-demand and air tour operators, aviation support businesses, LSAs, drone enthusiasts and anyone who loves aviation in Hawaii.


Keep the shiny side up and mahalo!!!

Rob Moore, President