Hawaii Airport Construction Projects status

State DOTA briefed on April 12, 2017 the following airport projects throughout the State.  Please remember the dates may slip do to various reasons:

HNL    Work on TW L&G

Widening project for RW8L starts May 8 and is three phases (west end, east end and middle).  When the west end work is being done, there will be ~9100 feet available on RW8L, when east end work is being done, there will be ~7400 feet available on RW8L and 5300 feet available on RW4R, and when work is done on the middle of RW8L, the runway will be closed so expect higher use on RWs8R and 4R&L.  Hold-short signage between RW4s is by Nov 2017 and includes the lines.

OGG    Rubber removal on RW2 is now scheduled in Nov.  TW A work should be done by EOM.  The work to re-construct RW2 has an EIS going on for the next 2 years (so any construction is at least 5 years out)

LIH     RW3/21 on the RSA work to end soon.  RW17/35 work scheduled to start November.

LNY     Rubber removal is scheduled May.  RW3/21 work that adds 25 feet on to the RW shoulders is being scheduled.  There is conversation to add 500 feet onto the east end of RW3.

MKK   Being planned is to repave RW17/35 and TW E.

ITO     Rubber removal is scheduled May 18

KOA    Rubber removal may follow ITO depending on schedule.

JRF      Phase 1 for the new T hangars has started.  Phase 2 for the T hangars is in preconstruction.  The USAF will be painting an assault landing strip (ALS) on RW4R soon—it will take three days and painters can be off the runway within 30 minutes if needed.  A new LOA between HCF and JRF ATCT will make getting IFR off the ground more difficult—suggest launching VFR and getting IFR airborne.

Next airport projects meeting is scheduled July 26 in conference room 4 at HNL.



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