HNL Ground Radar to be upgraded with Taxiway Arrival Prediction Software to prevent wrong-surface Landings on Taxiways

On Tuesday, December 15, 2020, the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport ASDE-X ground radar will be updated with ATAP (ASDE Taxiway Arrival Prediction software) to prevent wrong-surface landings on taxiways,

If an arriving aircraft (fixed wing or helicopter) 3000 ft. or below lines up with a protected taxiway for 20 seconds or longer in the taxiway alert region, the taxiway alert will go off in the tower and the controllers MUST issue a mandatory “go-around” and aircraft MUST be resequenced due to pilot loss of situational awareness.

This update will cause more “nuisance” go-arounds for helicopters if they inadvertently line up to a taxiway on approach into HNL. There is technology to inhibit inadvertent helicopter alerts, but in all likelihood, some will receive mandatory go-around instructions if they line up on taxiways during their approaches.

For Medevac flights, especially if the pilot has a critically ill patient and requests priority to HNL, the controllers do not want to send them around but if the taxiway alert goes off the controllers will be REQUIRED to send them around.

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