Would you conisder moving from HNL to JRF?

Please send your response to Hank Bruckner


The Deputy Director has requested we conduct a survey to determine how many HNL General Aviation tenants/operators  might consider relocating to Kalaeloa and under what conditions.  Your response by March 24th would be greatly appreciated..
1.        Would you consider moving your aircraft/operation from HNL to JRF?   Yes ______     No _______   If yes, please see below.  If no, please explain.

2.        How would the following influence your decision?  Please rate these factors from very important (1)  to not important (5)
        A.  Availability of T-hangars or equivalent   __
        B.  Availability of commercial spaces:   __
        C.  Hangar/tie-down rates:  __
        D.  Availability of aviation services including aircraft maintenance:  __
        E.  Precision Instrument Approach  __
        F.  Availability of practice approaches
        G.  Commuting distance __
        H.  Convenience to off-airport businesses __
        I.     Other (please explain):

Hank Bruckner
General Aviation Officer
State of Hawaii DOT Airports Division
808 838-8701

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