Honolulu Runway Safety Information from GACH & the FAA

It is always nice to be number one except when you are Honolulu International Airport (HIA) and are number one in leading the US in runway incursions.  To help mitigate this, GACH teamed up with the FAA, HCF and Hawaii DOTA to produce a video and other products to help pilots reduce, and maybe eliminate, this negative trend.  This short video (less than four minutes) is designed to educate and remind pilots how to maneuver on and around HIA, especially near runways 4L&R/22L&R.  All pilots whether from Hawaii or visiting this beautiful State need to see this video before the next time they fly and use the products associated with it.  Local flight schools and operators are encouraged to use this video and lesson plan to help educate their pilots not only once but also frequently.  We must reverse this trend.  Click on the links below to get started and keep the shiny side up:


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  1. The video for the example with the nonstandard hold lines between 4R/4L shows (at about 2 minutes in) a cockpit view of an aircraft landing 4R, then turning left to hold before crossing 4L. It would probably be effective, even if a bit redundant, to also show a similar view of a landing on 4L and turning right to hold before crossing 4R. For GA, a landing on 4L and having to cross 4R to get to parking is likely the most typical situation where a 4L/4R hold short violation would occur. It is also where a hold short violation can easily be disastrous, since an aircraft landing 4L and then coming too close to 4R could then collide with a (likely large) aircraft landing 4R, and a large aircraft landing 4R might not be able to abort the landing anymore to avoid a collision.

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