LAHSO changes for GA at HNL

The Honolulu Control Facility has advised us that starting in August, they will begin providing “active” versus “passive” Land And Hold Short Operations at HNL.

HNL has been using “passive” LAHSO with General Aviation aircraft for several years; this means that many Part 121 airlines can be given a LAHSO clearance, typically they are cleared to land 8L, hold short of 4L, for simultaneous GA operations on runways 4L and 4R.

The new “active” LAHSO means that GA aircraft can also be given “Cleared to land, 4 Right, hold short of 8 Left” for airliners landing on 8L simultaneously.

Since few of us need the entire length of 4R for landing, this will for the most part be a non-event for GA operations, HOWEVER, it will now become MANDATORY to read back the hold short instruction as part of your landing clearance read back.

Student pilots MUST notify ATC, ideally at first contact with approach control, of their status, since student pilots may NOT participate in “active” LAHSO.


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