“Line up and wait” suspended for 4L/4R at PHNL

According to the DoT General Aviation Officer HCF has temporarily suspended the “Line up and Wait” instruction for runways 4L and 4R at Honolulu: ” Because of the high number of instances involving RWYs 4L/4R and 22L/22R, due to various reasons such as frequent ASDE-X nuisance alerts, incorrect runway assignment, pilot/controller hearback/readback errors, students/unfamiliar pilots the HCF felt that the risk of an aircraft landing on an incorrect runway was high enough that we wanted to reduce the chances that one of these mistakes resulted in a catastrophic event.  IN THE INTERIM, the HCF has decided to ban the use of Line Up and Wait on RWYS 4L/4R and 22L/22R. These steps are temporary, we realize this will result in departure delays for GA pilots, however we felt that it needed to be done.  By spreading the word we are  also hoping that the pilots will remind or question our controllers if they are mistakenly put into position on a prohibited runway.”

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  1. I guess that I still don’t understand the issue. Is it really a problem to line up and wait? In the last 10 years since they instituted the change, I don’t recall personally seeing an issue.

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