Quick links to websites relevant to flying in Hawaii

University of Hawaii Weather Server

Pacific Aviation Museum, Ford Island

Hawaii Aviation – An archive of historic photos and facts

General Aviation Council of Hawaii

Oahu Flight Schools and Airplane Rental:

Anderson Aviation

Barbers Point Flight School

George’s Aviation

Moore Air

The Right Flight School


Maui Flight Schools and Airplane Rental:

Maui Aviators

Maui Flight Academy


Where to stay:

Beback Hawaii Travel Agency


Flight Instructional Resources:

Bold Method – Daily Flight Training Blog



    • From a friend who used to restore and repair aircraft in Honolulu: It costs about $ 10,000 including disassembly, packing and reassembly. It is almost not worth it for a Cessna 150. Having said this, there are some good deals to be had on the mainland.

    • The contact information (our U.S. Mail address) is in the footer of every page. We don’t provide an email address due to the large amount of unsolicited email it would receive. If you sign up as a member, you’ll receive regular emails from us. Sorry, We do not offer Kapuna discounts.

  1. We received a storm permit form that has to be signed by tenants of the airport. This is totally new and it appears that the tenants are now being held responsible for the condition, treatment or restoration of the storm drain they are “assigned”. Does anyone have any insight as to this new contract which is a result of the latest DoT EPA audit? Does anyone have any insight as to why the owners of the buildings are passing this on to sub-leasing tenants? Finally, why are business owners subject to this liability even after passing premises inspections?

  2. Hi everyone,
    I am looking for a single engine aircraft for sale in Hawaii. Let me know if you know of any for sale that are in good condition or any that may be coming up for sale soon.

    Also can anyone recommend a good mechanic for pre-purchase examination – and contact information.

    Thanks in advance!

    • AVGas, which happens to be 100 not low lead, is primarily distributed by the FBO Air Service Hawaii on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii islands. There are other smaller outlets in place, including one on Oahu who sells 100LL out of a self serve pump. You can find information on these via for the respective airports.

  3. Could you please add a “Where to find aircraft maintenance supplies” category and feature Goldwings Supply Service, Inc. as the “aviation parts and supplies one stop shop”? We are the oldest company on the south ramp and have supported all sectors of the aviation community for over 30 years. Our website is Mahalo for your sincere consideration!

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