Maui and Lanai NDBs

Subject: Proposed Decommissioning of Valley Island NDB

Cancellation: 05/07/2021 1200 (UTC)


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is conducting an aeronautical study of a proposal to decommission the Valley Island Non-directional Beacon (NDB) (VYI), Kahului, Hawaii. The FAA is proposing to decommission VYI due to the increased cost and difficulty in maintaining the equipment.

Removal of VYI will have the following impacts on instrument approach procedures at Kahului Airport:

  • The cancelation of the NDB Runway (RWY) 02 instrument approach procedure.
  • The CAMPS THREE arrival route’s Lanai Transition will require Distance Measuring Equipment (DME).
  • The Instrument Landing System (ILS) or Localizer (LOC) RWY 20 alternate missed approach will be redesigned or possibly canceled.
  • The VOR Y RWY 20 Very High Frequency Omni-directional Range (VOR) will require DME.

OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: Interested parties are invited to respond by submitting written data, views, and/or arguments related to the overall aeronautical, economic, environmental, and/or energy aspects of the proposal. All communications received on or before the specified comment closing date will be considered. Comments may be sent to the Group Manager, Operations Support Group, AJV-W2, FAA, Western Service Center, at 2200 South 216th Street, Des Moines, WA 98198, or via email to


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Mark Payne, Operations Support Group, Western Service Center, at (206) 231-2241 or


B. G. Chew
Air Traffic Manager, OSG Western Service Area
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