Meeting with HCF ATC User’s Group 4/20/16

Hawaii ATC Users Group meeting on April 20, 2016

Rob Moore went to a meeting today that discussed HCF and user issues with ATC.  Members of the local military, HIDOTA, FAA and the commercial airliners based or using Hawaii airports attended the meeting.  Other then Rob, there were no GA representatives attending the meeting.  We need to get GA involved in future meetings.  This is his summary of what was discussed:


  • Mike Schmidt of the HCF summarized last week’s runway safety meeting.
    • He did explain more on the pending ATC approval that will allow jets and small GA to operate on closely parallel runways at the same time (the exception would be no heavy jets and GA).
    • Line and wait procedures are still suspended but relief is soon.
    • The planned work (maybe starting September) will be the widening work on runway (RW) 8L. Limited operations will occur when they close 1/3 of the runway to do the work (the middle 1/3 work will close the runway)
    • All sensors for ADS-b are installed and certified for Hawaii. Hawaii radar coverage will increase from approximately 70% to 93%.  The HCF equipment is not certified as of yet.  HCF briefed that airplane compliance is by 2020 but antidotal information shows not many airplanes in Hawaii are equipped.
    • HCF is investigating starting a RNAV working group again. One item to be investigated is a RNAV/RNP STAR integration for HNL.
    • The airlines are requesting approval for a high-speed climb for Hawaii airports above 3000 fee to save fuel (currently limited to 250K below 10000 feet). This current restriction was due to a re-interpretation that Hawaii domestic airspace going out to 250NM from Hawaii and not 12NM.
    • HCF is also asking the military to open up some of their SUA (especially north of Oahu).
    • Delta is starting B737 to HNL soon.
  • DOTA briefed on airport projects
    • HNL: re-paving near gate 28 and the runway 8L work. Also airport painting would be done after the work is completed.  No other work for HNL was described.
    • HDH and JRF: No planned work briefed. I asked when airport painting and signage would be completed and they did not know.
    • OGG: major work will be done to re-pave taxiway A (RFP coming out soon). Work will be done at night and may cause airplanes to back taxi on RW 5—need to announce on CTAF.
    • LNY: nothing briefed
    • ITO: Request for base work on RW 26 for sealing pending.
    • KOA: nothing briefed
    • MKK, LUP, UPP, MUE, HNM, PAX: nothing briefed
  • Military briefed on:
    • RIMPAC is planned for June 30-August 3 with the heaviest flying July 11 through August 1. Official announcement soon with NOTAMs will be posted.  It will affect HCF capabilities and routes on A track to LIH (will over fly HNL) and LIH to HNL.  For GA, look for less service.
    • Sentry Aloha: more flying from August 18-31 with saturation times of 0830-1030 and 1500-1700). Again watch for NOTAMs.
  • Solar Impulse
    • Looks like a launch is planned for early April 21 to west coast/AZ area.

Next meeting is scheduled for July 27 at 1000 in the DOTA conference room D (top floor interisland terminal)—WE NEED AIR TOUR, HELICOPTER and FLIGHT SCHOOL OPERATORS involved.



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