New RNAV (GPS)-B Approach Procedure to PHMK

If you happened to fly into PHMK under an instrument flight plan recently you will have noticed that your favorite RNAV (GPS) approach into the airport has morphed into a new procedure as of February 25. The ‘old’ approach would have you arrive at initial approach fix KOLTE or JEMKO, followed by a rather steep final approach segment once clear of the mountain ridge south-west of the airport. The missed approach would then lead you to the HAPAI intersection 10 NM north-east of the airport for a hold.

The *new and improved* PHMK RNAV (GPS)-B approach features new approach fixes that you won’t find in your panel-mounted navigation device lest you updated the database recently. The new approach provides three IAFs, one of which is part of the final approach leg and is associated with a racecourse course reversal pattern. Significantly, the final approach course is slightly more to the east relative to the approach procedure it replaced. This avoids step-down fixes which caused you to ‘dive and drive’ on the old procedure. The entire approach from the IAF ATOSE to the MAP JOPKI is flown with a comfortable 3.39º descent angle on a course of 001º. The missed approach takes you to a new holding fix GAKCU 14.2 NM north of the airport.

There will be a little more maneuvering to get in a position to land since you will arrive on a 50º base leg rather than a final approach leg to the airport and the position of the new holding fix adds two minutes to the return trip to the IAF.

FlightAware_MKK_IAP_RNAV (GPS)-B
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