Notes from Kalaeloa Airport’s Operational Board 7/28/2016

GACH recently participated in the quarterly Kalaeloa Airport’s Airfield Operational Board meeting on July 28, 2016.  In attendance were tower personnel, Mike Narvares, the Airfield Manager, and various airport users.  Ray Simpson gave a briefing that is outlined below:

  • Pilots need to be aware that drones are now operating on or near Kalaeloa Airport. The FAA gave two COAs to Drone Services Hawaii and to HECO for drone operation within Kalaeloa Airport area.  NOTAMs will be issued if the drone operations interfere with normal aircraft operations.  However recreational drone use has been spotted near the airport that tower personnel were unaware of.  BE CAREFUL.
  • During RIMPAC or other airspace-demanding operations, HCF will probably not give approaches into Kalaeloa Airport. Tower personnel have notice several pilots trying to do the 2 approaches in to Kalaeloa using VFR procedures.  Remember JRF Tower cannot clear you for these approaches and if doing the “approaches” using VFR procedures, pilots must remain clear of any airspace unless you are cleared into it.  If doing this maneuver, do not ask for an instrument approach–just tell the tower where you are before entering the airspace and advise that you are doing a straight in approach to the operational runway.


Mike Narvares outlined the following:


  • Three cameras and seven light poles (automatic) were installed on or near the terminal building at Kalaeloa Airport. The cameras are monitored by airport security.
  • Phase 3 of hangar 110 is complete except for punch-list items. The FAA approved phase 4’s money and the project is going out on bid next month.  Phase 4 consist of an elevator installation, fire suppression, and some office improvements.  After phase 4 completion in about a year, phase 5 will start that adds another elevator and finishes office space (only basic).
  • The control tower is getting a new exterior paint and roof this year.
  • The construction of 8 T Hangars will start next month. About a year to complete.  The FAA also approved $4M for additional hangars (approximately 8 more) that will go out for bid soon.
  • Hangar 111 was discussed at a meeting two months ago with US Dept. of Education, FAA and HIDOT. Results are unknown.
  • It appears that the Hawaii National Guard, Air Wing will be moving from Wheeler AAF to Kalaeloa Airport in about six months (they will operate on the north side of the field.


GACH asked that the HIDOT complete the required airfield survey so the GPS approach be made fully operational.


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