Results from the Rent Increase Meeting

Please see the coverage from Hawaii News Now’s Chelsea Davis on Monday night’s meeting.

The DOT-A presented their revised proposal, with double digit increases for all airport properties which used a 50% reduction from the appraised Fair Market Value of nearby commercial properties as the basis for computing rent increases.

No explanation was provided for why they previously decided to use a 40% reduction, then changed to a 50% reduction, or whether any of the input from the public on questioning the valuation basis was acted upon by the appraisers or the state. They stated the 50% reduction was the basis for previous appraised values, but could not site how that number was arrived at.

DOT-A also declined to negotiate rents based on the property condition, lack of access, or any other factor raised by airport tenants. They feel  their process meets Federal requirements for fair and reasonable rates based on an informal opinion expressed to them by the local FAA office, one they declined to provide to the public.

GACH is committed to get all of the appraisal data available from the state, and is asking to meet with the appraiser to determine if and to what extent current conditions of the properties, access restrictions, lack of leases, vacancy rates, and other factors were taken into account. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


Here’s the slides the DOT-A presented with all increases for Oahu Airports:

DOT-A Presentation


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  1. Is AOPA helping us in keeping this rent increase from happening? On January 11, 2017 AOPA President Mark Baker and AOPA Regional Mgr. Melissa McCaffey had a town hall meeting here in Hawaii and acknowledged the extremely high rent DOT Hawaii is charging. Mark Baker said that AOPA would be helping in keeping rent increases from happening. Has AOPA gotten involved in this recent rent increase?

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