Runway Incursions Status

Meetings on HNL runway incursions occurred April 12.

The HNL runway incursions (RIs) are trending down with HNL first place in the nation going to either number 4 or 5 (this is good).

This year so far it appears that there were a total of 21 RIs (14 PDs, 6 OIs—read tower, and 2 vehicles / pedestrians).  I will note of the 14 PDs at HNL, 4 were military, 4 were FAR 121, 2 were FAR 135 and 4 were FAR 91).

Two of the GA (FAR 91) PDs were from two Ce172s taxiing out of the non-controlled ramp onto TW F without authorization and one from landing on the wrong runway.

Also trending at HNL is helicopters illegally overflying airplanes.

The FAA will also re-work the FAA Safety video soon when the new signage and hold-short lines are installed.  BTW, there were only 23 pilots at the pilot briefing on runway safety.


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