Runway Safety Planning at Honolulu Airport

A two plus year study was concluded April 11, 2017 on how to change the geometry at Honolulu Airport in order to reduce runway incursions and to generally improve efficiency at the airport.

The implementation of the plan needs to be approved and funded by the FAA and will take over 21 years to fully accomplish.  The plan includes construction and demolition of taxiway intersections through out the airport area.  Examples are construction of new taxiways A1&2, J, etc. to RW8L, improving taxiway P at RW4R, extending taxiways C, A and Z and moving taxiway E slightly west.

Installation of elevated (ERGL) and in-the-ground runway guard lights (IPRGLs) will happen at most taxiway/runway intersections.  Also taxiways will be renumbered to a logical method.  Details are in a 100+ page report by AECOM and available at the State DOTA.

Also listed in the plan were several immediate action items.  The items were to modify the hold-short lines between runways 4R and 4L (originally to be completed by May 2017), install ERGLs and IPRGLs between runways 4R and 4L (by November 2017), start the re-numbering of taxiways as construction begins, and raising the landing minimums for RW4R to ¾ mile (from ½ mile).

Also listed was the temporary closure of RW4L which was violently objected to by GACH (the HNL FAA-ADO is doing a table top study on the feasibility of the closure but the methodology and study goals could not be defined by the FAA-ADO—any attempt to temporary close RW4L cannot happen until 2018 because of RW8L construction).

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