The State of Hawaii has (some) Class A airspace


Although Class A airspace was created above the area surrounding the Hawaiian Islands, due to a last minute change, the area directly above the contiguous major islands of the state (shown in white in the diagram below) is NOT included in this Class A airspace; which currently remains Class G above 18,000 feet.

As of 2019, all airspace around the major Hawaii Islands, as with the rest of the United States, is covered by Class A airspace above 18,000 feet MSL. Here’s a diagram of the airspace changes, which took effect August 15th, 2019. You’ll also note that the Class E boundary of 5500 MSL present on previous Honolulu Sectional Charts is no longer there; standard Class E floors of 1200 agl, 700 agl, or down to the surface in the vicinity of some airports, are consistent in Hawaii Domestic Airspace.

More information is available in the Federal Register: The Federal Register

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