1. We had a meeting with HCF, FAA and users to increase the Class D and E airspaces at MKK. Everyone reviewed the proposals and had no objections for the SRM. The change will take about a year to implement due to chart cycle.

  2. The Wheeler Class D and E changes brought a lot of discussions do to its size and impacts on the South Practice Area and holding at H1/H2 interchange while gaining entry into HNL Class B. GACH did get a HHI Class D carveout so aircraft practicing ground reference maneuvers have little bigger area (below 1800 feet MSL). Also HCF and HHI ATC will have a LOA so HNL may control a larger area near H1/H2 in order to hold aircraft (which also creates another advantage by reducing accidental incursions into HHI Class D). The one concern with the enlargement of the southern Class E surface airspace is the increase difficulty of having VFR capability there when the weather starts getting MVFR but you still can get into HNL Class B (clear of clouds).
    Again if a change is made, It will not take effect until October 2018 at the earliest.

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